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I had every intention to have a real post for you today with real pictures, but last night instead of coming home and editing pictures I came home and read nonstop.  See, I've started A Song of Ice and Fire series by George R. R. Martin and I'm almost done with Game of Thrones (the first book).  And to say I'm a little absorbed in it would be an understatement.  Antoine can confirm that there have been many instances in the last couple weeks were I'm reading and refuse to stop while he's trying to talk to me and then I get all agitated because he's talking and therefore interrupting my reading.  Geez, the nerve! So, long story short...I didn't edit any photos, so here's some Instagram photos of my weekend to try to make up for it!
We started our weekend off by taking Cheese to daycare...and taking a little family photo of Cheese and his weird parents!  He loves going to daycare, even though it doesn't look like it in this photo (he's just trying to act cool).  After we dropped him off at daycare we went and got some breakfast and ran some errands before we headed off to the Krohn Conservatory orchid show.
The orchid show was, again, like crack to me and a total sensory overload.  I mean, look how pretty!!

After the orchid show we headed home to make a late lunch for ourselves, mixed greens with pears, walnuts, pan-fried goat cheese and my favorite strawberry balsamic (from Maple Grove).  I got the idea of pan-fried goat cheese from How Sweet It Is, and I'm so glad I tried delicious!

Saturday night Antoine went to a friend's birthday party and I decided to take it easy.  I spent the evening listening to some of my more girly records (see: The Way We Were in the photo...Love me so Streisand!) and reading Game of Thrones (see: addicition).

The little crane mobile that I hung in the guest bedroom (where the record player is).

Sunday morning when I woke up this guy decided to climb on my back and hang out.  So rude!

Sunday was a total lazy day around our house.  We spent the day finishing off Breaking Bad (I know, it took us forever!).  All the while, this guy snoozed on my lap!

That was my weekend, it was pretty lazy what can I say!  Hopefully in the near future I'll actually get to editing the photos that are on my camera...but I'm not making any promises because I really want to finish this book and then I'll likely want to start on the next one ASAP!

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