Krohn Conservatory's Annual Orchid Show

Remember back in March when I went to the Cleveland Orchid Show (and my brain exploded) and I took a million photos of orchids?  Well, a week later I went to the Cincinnati Orchid Show at Krohn.  I know, I'm a little wacky in the head.  Guess what happened?  I took a ridiculous number of photos and, yeah, my brain overloaded from sensory awesomeness!  The quantity of orchids at Cincinnati show wasn't as great as Cleveland's but the selection and condition of the flowers was outstanding!
I like these ones because they look so unreal and almost psychedelic!
Most of the orchids were displayed in front of large black cloth screens.  I had mixed feelings about these, they were nice when you managed to get a shot just right, but usually I was fighting to try to get either all-black or no-black in the background.  Also, I didn't love how the black screens weren't completely opaque.  Apparently I take my orchid photography ridiculously much so that I sound like a nut!
I love these, they look so alien and strange, yet delicate.
This one was my absolute favorite!  I love the purple and green combination and the ittybitty prickly bits.

Whew!  Too much pretty, my brain still hurts looking at it!  Hopefully I haven't completely bored you.  Don't worry, that's the last of the orchid least for a little while.  


  1. I love the last one too. The prickly and delicate combination is very cool. It almost looks like a strange insect... with mustache.

    1. Haha, exactly!! A prickly mustache...I love it!