Texas Recap: A Little More of Austin

I know I haven't posted in a while and I apologize.  Life has been getting in the way.  Life and baking.  And pumpkin carving.  And my body trying to force me into hibernation!  Seriously, I feel like I can't stay awake lately, even with mass amounts of coffee in my system.

Anyway, back to our Texas trip.  You might remember my recap of Austin and ACL through Instagram? Or you might not because it felt like eons ago!  Well, that was about it.  I didn't take my camera to ACL and standing in the sun everyday for three days really wears a person out, so during ACL we didn't really do anything besides ACL.  But on Monday, after the festival was over, we made two stops in the Austin area before we headed to San Antonio.  First, we stopped at the State Capitol building.
 But the thing about the capitol building, any capitol building really, is that during a govenment shutdown it's really not very exciting.  But, it was a pretty day and the area around the capitol building was pretty deserted, which was kind of cool.  So, it was all good.

 The aspect of the capitol building that I thought was really cool was the underground portion that you could see from outside.  Oh, Texas, how things are different there.  This really would work in Ohio...I can just picture the open area full of snow and ice and some poor grounds guy down there trying to shovel it out with a snow shovel.

After our brief stop at the nearly deserted capitol building, Antoine and I made our way to Driftwood.  Driftwood is about 30 minutes south-west of Austin and home to the original Salt Lick BBQ, our main reason for visiting.  If you go to the Austin area people will likely tell you to go to Salt Lick, that or Franklin's (which we didn't have time for).  We were actually smart about it and went shortly after they opened and had lunch, before it got too busy.

A couple quick things about Salt's delicious (as evident from my previous post), it's like a little oasis in the middle of nowhere, people are super nice, and it's BYOB.  Oh, and it's totally worth the little detour.  Get the beef ribs, they've got tons of flavor!

After we gorged ourselves, I snapped some photos because it's really pretty there.  Like way prettier than you expect a BBQ joint to be.  And I spotted this little bird bath off to the side with several finches splashing around in it...I could resist taking their picture.

So cute!

And that was about it for Austin.  While we had fun at ACL, I feel like it kind of distracted us from the rest of Austin.  We will definitely have to take another trip out there sometime and actually check out the city for real!

Anyway, Happy Halloween everyone!  Stay tuned tomorrow for more Texas goodness.

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