More Park Shenanigans

We're finally back from our Texas trip!  We survived, though I'm so ready for my pajamas and a nap.  It was an exhausting trip, so frankly the last thing on my mind right now is editing pictures.  Instead of jumping into a Texas recap, I've got one more batch of park photos (from when Amanda and Aaron were in town) to share. 

On the last day of Midpoint, before we headed down to the festival, we took the dogs to a couple parks for a walk and some sight-seeing.  Although Amanda used to live in Cincinnati she, like myself, had never been to Alms Park so we started off there.

Then we headed over to Ault Park to take a walk through the woods.
And, naturally, we made the dogs jump over logs.  For fun.  Poor dogs!

Aaron trying to tell Cheese to hold so I could get a picture.  Of course this one ended up being far cuter!

The leaves are starting to change and I love it!

I'm sorry, more bumble bees.  I can't help it!  But now that its Autumn, be prepared for moss, mushrooms and pumpkins!  This is your warning.

What a weirdo!

Any clue what this is?  It was growing from one of the trees in Ault Park and I don't think I've ever noticed it before.

Happy Friday everyone!  Any exciting plans this weekend?  On Saturday we're picking up a free tree we received from the Re-Leaf program and planting it.  Then on Sunday we're going pumpkin picking!  And hopefully somewhere in there we'll be resting and I'll be editing some Texas photos.

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