My Own Special Weirdo [Dog]

Happy Monday everyone!  Antoine and I are heading to San Antonio today, and eating some BBQ along the way.  Since it's Monday and that means all you poor souls are probably at work, though I'm not because I'm on vacation (haha!), I thought I'd share some photos of my little weirdo, Cheese.  He's such a goofball and I just can't get enough of him.  And frankly, I'm kind of missing him like crazy right about now (even though his uncle is taking very good care of him and probably snuggling with him like crazy)! 

Behold, the Cheese-man running like a spastic psycho-dog who's tongue apparently has a mind of its own:

And here's what he looks like after he runs around like a mad-hound...
He's a dirty, slobbery, stinky, drooling mess...and I love it!  Seriously, basset hounds are just like the best dog ever!  The end.

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