For the Dogs

When my best friend, Amanda, and her boyfriend, Aaron, came into town for the Midpoint Music Festival they brought their dog Gatsby with them.  They just recently rescued Gatsby a couple months ago and this was only his second trip to Cincinnati, so we wanted to make sure we kept the dogs stimulated and exercised during the day, so they'd sleep like babies while we were at Midpoint every night.  On Friday when they came in we all headed over to French Park for a little hike through the woods.  Seriously, it my favorite Cincinnati park we've been to to take Cheese, he loves all the smells and the cool, flowing water in the creek.  Cheese and Gatsby both had a blast! 

And apparently he also loves chewing on flowers...what a weirdo!

I think Gatsby had a really great time.  Here, he is anxious to jump off this rock and play in the creek.

Gatsby, Aaron and Amanda

After we came out of the woods the dogs still seemed to have a bunch of energy left, so Aaron decided to run around and frolick with them a bit...
Look at them go!

I like how Cheese starts out in the front and then quickly gets passed up by Gatsby!  Story of Cheese's life, the dogs with the longer legs are always beating him in races!  Poor guy.

Here's some post-running shots of them.  They're still running on some adrenal, but after our little hike back up-hill to our cars they were pretty worn out!

Stay tuned tomorrow and next week for more dog and park goodness!

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