Mohican State Park in September

We've finally come to the last of the camping posts.  After we deflated our air mattresses, tore down our tents, and packed up our cars we said our goodbyes and left the campground.  Before heading home Antoine and I decided to do a bit of hiking in Mohican State Park with Cheese.  We went to the same covered bridge and trail that I had visited before with my sister, but we also checked out the gorge overlook.
View from the covered bridge.

Now to the overlook, which was pretty deserted in comparison to the covered bridge.
Cheese, surveying the gorge.  We put his front paws up there just so I could snap a picture really quick, figuring he'd jump right back down, but he actually seemed to enjoy the view and really took it in!
The area surrounding the overlook.
One of the two overlook spots.

Mohican is a nice little place to spend a morning or an afternoon.  Though it's not my favorite park in Ohio, it's definitely worth checking out if you're in the area and want a breath of fresh air!

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