Please bear with me as I'm a tad behind in my posting (as usual), but I'm now officially less than a month behind!  Yay, go me!  Anyway, let's talk about camping.  Before I started dating Antoine I had never really been camping.  I grew up in the country and it seemed like camping just wasn't a thing for country-folk.  Why go camping when you could just pitch your tent anywhere on your 16 acres of land?  So when A and I started dating he introduced me to the ins and outs of camping and I realized liked it.  I then proceeded to tell my sister, brother-in-law, and best friend (all of which hadn't really been camping either) that we all needed to go camping together.  And finally, after like 5 years, we finally did and it was good times!

We decided to keep it simple for our first group camping trip and stayed in Ohio, meeting up at the Bulter/Mohican KOA, that way we could go hiking or check out fun country stuff like apple picking, cute quaint towns, etc.  Since it was pretty late in the year for camping (mid/late September), there really weren't many people at the KOA, which was nice.  We chose three sites on the KOA's little pond/lake...
View of a site opposite from our sites.
I think Cheese really enjoys camping...all the smells and being outside.  Plus, extra people to pet and love him!
View of the little lake.  When Antoine and I arrived there were a bunch of Canadian geese on the other side, but they flew away shortly after and only returned briefly.  Though there was a giant fish in the lake that we all found very entertaining.
On Saturday evening the KOA offered a free hayride around the property.  Michelle proceeded to convince Amanda to go with her...because no one else would go.  I should mention, we were all pretty intoxicated already!
After a full day of apple picking and fun Cheese proceeded to pass out Saturday evening in the warm sun.  So adorable!
Antoine and I did most of the cooking, which we did over the fire.  I was specifically in charge of making the morning coffee, and I'm very proud of how my first attempt at campfire coffee turned out...if I don't say so myself!
Cheese (on Sunday morning) after his morning scratches and pets.

So, how was your weekend?  Mine was delightful.  Antoine and I decided to check out the Cincinnati Nature Center for the first time.  We'd been meaning to go for a while now, but just hadn't made it out there.  It is quite tempting to just explore French Park with Cheese when it's five minutes down the road.  But it's also nice to mix things up and try a new park every once in a while.  We spent a little over three hours hiking around with Cheese and then we finished off the night with Chinese take out from Yat Kat Mein (always good!).  How was your weekend?  Did you do anything fun?  I'm already looking forward to this weekend, it's our annual trip to Yellow Springs to pick pumpkins and I can't wait!

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