Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

I thought I'd share some of the pumpkins that Antoine and I carved this year seeing as how it's Halloween and all.  It's no secret that I love pumpkins!  I love picking them, I love carving them...everything about them just makes me happy!  Well, except for the fact that they rot, which means I can't keep them forever.  Though if they did last forevver I'd probably have several thousand pumpkins sitting in my front yard and that's no good.  Anyway, this year I went a little overboard on pumpkins!  I think we had eight in all that we carved (I carved six and Antoine carved two) and then a couple smaller ones that we painted, plus an assortment of gourds...
 These three are mine:  a vampire on the left, a kitty in the middle, and Jack Skellington on the right!
 These are two of our larger ones: the one of the left is Antoine's and the cyclops is mine!  Also, in the background is Antoine's other one...though for some reason he decided to rot faster than the others, so he'll likely wind up in the garbage this weekend.  [Insert sad, pathetic face]
A basset hound pumpkin seemed like a must this year [read: Antoine insisted that I do one]
For the kitty pumpkin I decided to carve the front and back (that's why there's so much flickering candlelight in the background of the gif).  This pumpkin is actually pretty small and when I got it I had no intention of carving it, I just liked that it was still mostly green.  But then, when we were carving, it just looked so cute it needed to become a kitty!
 A couple of our gourds.
Two of the pumpkins that we painted; the gold one is mine and the silly one is Antoine's...and I'm just crazy about it!  I also painted a pumpkin for work, which you can see here.

I'll share more on our pumpkin picking adventure later, once I get the photos edited.  Until then, happy Halloween everyone and have a fantastic weekend!

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  1. Wow! They're all wonderful and I'm more than a bit envious!