The Great Sunflower Letdown

Back in early October I heard about an annual Sunflower Festival not too far from our house at Gorman Heritage Farm.  Antoine and I decided to check it out since neither of us had ever heard of/been to Gorman Farm and who doesn't love sunflowers!  After getting a bit lost we finally arrived, paid our $8 each to enter, and made our way to the sunflower field...only to be severely let down.

I had been so excited by the prospect of photographing sunflowers and even picking some that when we got to the field we were very upset by what we saw...
A field full of dead sunflowers.
Definitely not going to pay $1 a sunflower to pick this withered thing.
There were a handful of decent looking sunflowers, but you had to wade through a sea of dead ones, and then once you got to it you'd find someone standing on the other side of it moving in with their clippers.

We did not handle the disappointment of the day well.  In fact, we handled it like small children or really old grumpy people who gripe about paying $8 each to look at a field of dead sunflowers.  "They could have at least warned us before entering that most of the sunflowers are dead already!"  "I know!  What a waste!" - says one grump to the other.

But the entire day was not lost...Gorman Farm actually has some nice gardens with a variety of beautiful flowers growing in them, plus a barn with an assortment of different farm animals.  I'll share the more satisfying parts of our experience next week.  Until then, happy Friday!  I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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