A Layer of Ice

Spring is definitely trying to make a comeback!  It was gorgeous yesterday and it's supposed to be even warmer today (I wore a new pair of sandals I just got from Modcloth in anticipation!!).  Like everyone else I'm so ready for Spring.  Not just the weather, but the flowers and the green everywhere and the life.  It's one of my favorite things to see flowers start to pop up everywhere and bloom.

Today it's supposed to get up to 70 degrees in Cincinnati!!  Isn't that crazy!?  It's especially crazy when you think that a little over a week ago we were covered in ice from an ice storm.  I had watched it out come down from the window all morning, but then when the snow/rain/freezing rain subsided for a little bit I ventured outside to some photos (and miraculously I did not fall on my butt!).  Now, as far as ice storms go this one was pretty tame compared to what Cincinnati usually gets; we generally get more ice storms than snow storms, although this year has definitely been the exception!  But the affects were still cool nonetheless...

So do you have an fun plans this evening to enjoy the beautiful little heat wave?!  I think Antoine and I heading to the park for a picnic after walk, probably with the Cheese-man.  Should be fun!

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