Wintry Ault Park

This past weekend, right before the snow/ice storm hit, the weather was actually pretty decent.  Not as nice as the Saturday before, but still I'll take it.  I'm ready for Spring!  For the flowers and the green everywhere.  So, since Antoine and I have been craving Spring (like almost every other human out there) we headed over to Ault Park to take some pictures and walk around before running our errands...
There were a fair number of people at Ault Park that day.  Several people were out throwing frisbees around, a couple people were doing yoga, a bunch were just walking around and then there were a couple others taking photos, like myself.

A hornet nest (?) that Antoine found near the Rose garden.

Antoine also spotted a couple of trees behind one of the gardens that had just been chopped down and the remnants (large tree stumps, which I desperately wanted to load into our car) were just lying there.
From what I could tell, the trees looked to be pretty healthy, so it's a bummer they cut them down, but I wonder if it has something to do with Cincinnati Parks plan to add another garden to Ault Park (there were nearby signs illustrating some for the plants they plan to bring in).

Oddly enough, I think I might actually like the way hydrangea look like when they're dead more than when they are alive.

I'm impressed with how beautiful Ault Park's gardens are in the winter time.  While it's not as beautiful now as they will be in a couple months or even the summer, there are still gems to be found!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Any fun plans for this weekend?  I'm heading north to Cleveland to celebrate my wonderful HLP turning 30!!  Crazy that I met her when she was just 19 years old!  I can't wait to celebrate and have some quality girl time with her, I need it!  Have a good weekend.  

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