Xmas in Instagram

Happy Holidays everyone!  I know I'm a day late, but oh well.  I was just enjoying my time off from work and relaxing in my pajamas too much yesterday to worry about blogging.  I hope everyone had a great couple of days off with family/friends/furry creatures.  If you're one of those lucky bastards who has today, and maybe even tomorrow, off...I hate you!  Just kidding, I'm just envious. Anyway, here's a little glimpse into my holiday.

Antoine and I started off our holiday plans by driving to my parent's this weekend to spend sometime with them.  While we were up there we were lucky enough to have lunch with my bestest, Amanda, and her boyfriend!  We also got to spend some time with my grandparents with it always nice.  And I even managed to get my haircut by one of my oldest friends.
I got about 6 inches chopped off!  It feels so much lighter and healthier now!

 Usually when we go to my parent's house and we bring Cheese with us it's like a non-stop wrestling match between my parent's great dane, Lacey, and Cheese.  It's a little intense!  However, this time things were a bit different...they wrestled for a little bit and then they just stopped!  And then they just laid there like this!!  It was magical.  Let's hope that trend continues the next time we visit...

 Cheese enjoying the view from my parent's guest bedroom.  There's some cows that live next door and Cheese was fascinated!

We got home from my parent's late Sunday night, so Monday morning (since I had the day off) I made a batch of challah.  This time for us, not to give out as gifts.  I then took half the loaf of challah and made this scrumptious creme brulee French toast casserole.  Talk about delicious!! Mmm.

 Cheese being adorable with our tree in the background.

 It's official, Guillermo is a murderer!  In no time at all he completely destroyed one of his Xmas mouse toys!  It was funny, Antoine and I came downstairs and Antoine said, "There's been a murder!" in his best Savannah accent.  And then we proceeded to say that nonstop for the rest of the day...we're dorks!

This is what my Xmas was like...surrounded by balls of fur watching HGTV on our new Roku. (I love this photo of Gui!  I call this "infinity cat")

 Antoine and I have our own little tradition for Xmas, steak for Xmas dinner.  It started a couple of years ago and we just keep doing it every year.  We usually get filets to make it extra special and then we generally have some creme brulee for dessert, because Antoine makes killer creme brulee!  This year I made this sweet potato casserole (although I added cinnamon to mine), which was tasty, and I sauteed some green beans in some garlic and butter.  It's a delicious way to end Xmas!

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