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I don't know about you, but I had a delightful snowy weekend.  It all started when my work closed at 1pm due to predicted snow in the forecast.  I ended up using the extra free time to address our holiday cards and finalize who's getting what for Christmas.  So, time well spent!  Then, on Friday evening Antoine and I took Cheese for a walk in the snow, which he loves.
His favorite is catching and eating snowballs!  It's so cute.

Our front porch may or may not still be adorned with pumpkins that are now covered in snow.

On Saturday I spent most of the day in the kitchen.  First, I made a batch of the Novice Chef's wonderful peanut butter dog biscuits to give as holiday gifts.

And lucky for Cheese I accidentally broke a couple of the biscuits during baking, so he got the broken bits.

After I was done with the dog biscuits, Antoine and I busted out our new Dyson that we got ourselves for Xmas this year!  We got a really great deal on it, thanks to a friend of his.  It's insane how much it picks up!  And it's so light and so easy to push, we love it!

After our fun with the Dyson, I whipped up a batch of these brown butter pecan sandies.  I was making them for a Christmas party we were supposed to on Sunday but ended up not going to because of the weather/roads.  But they turned out well and were quite tasty, so I was happy to have a couple extras to munch on!

Later on Sunday, after the roads were cleared, we decided to take Cheese to the dog park.  There weren't many people/dogs there, but he still ran around like a psychopath.  And of course Antoine made non-yellow snowballs to toss at him...and I lucked into this killer shot of him mid-devour!

We spent the evening watching Breaking Bad and relaxing.  The animals did the same.  I love this photo because it totally shows the hierarchy of the animals in the house.  Cheese might occasionally chase after Guillermo, but Gui is definitely calling the shots!

How was your weekend!  I gotta say, I love that we got snow before Christmas.  It always feels weird when Christmas comes and goes and we still haven't had snow.  Here's hoping for a white holiday, I'm a sucker for a snowy Xmas, even if I have to drive in it!

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