On the Farm

Snowmageddon, it's coming!  Apparently.  I was kind of hoping UC would close today so I could stay home and read all day, but it did not.  Still, here's hoping I get to go home early...before it gets too bad.  If it even gets that bad, you can never trust the forecast!

Anyway, back to Hocking Hills.  While my family was celebrating our early Thanksgiving there, my lovely sister sweet talked the friendly proprietor of the cabin we were renting into letting us come by his farm and moon over the animals.  My sis is like me and will take any opportunity to pet some cute farm animals!  So after filling up on a big breakfast we bundled up and headed over to the farm.  Lucky for us it was beautiful outside, well, minus the fact that it was freezing...
The goats came right over to us, but were disappointed when they realized that we didn't have any food for them.

On of the newest additions to the proprietor's farm was a group of eight alpacas.  They were still a little skittish around people, but made some pretty adorable/comical faces!
This one is my cracks me up!

Of course there were some horses, though they didn't want to have too much to do with us for some reason.

By far the best part of the farm?  All the cats!  He had nine super affectionate cats that were following us around and were either being adorable/hysterical. 
These were some of my favorites, Snowball (top right), Fuzz (bottom right), and their mom (left), whose name I can't remember.  Fuzz was definitely Antoine and my favorite, though Snowball was pretty hilarious!

Oh, Fuzz!  I would have taken him home in a second if I could have.  He was so sweet!

Snowball was such a clown!  He was going around attacking the other cats' tails, and then he started chasing his own.  So cute!

Cuteness overload!

Alright, I think that's enough cute for one day!  I hope everyone has a killer Friday and a wonderful weekend!  Stay warm.

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