Weekend in Instagram

This weekend I took it easy.  My ankle was sore and I really just wanted to veg.

 I started Saturday with a delicious homemade nonfat, extra-foamy latte.  My coworker's awesome husband (whom I've never met) gave me this brand-new espresso machine that he got as a gift years ago but has never used.  So, Saturday was the first day I put it in action and boy, oh boy, did it make a killer latte. FYI, the best coffee in Ohio (at least that I've found) is Stauf's, locally roasted in Columbus, Oh.  It's a little pricey, but is totally worth every penny.  Their espresso blend is fantastic, as is there Kaldi's blend and their French Caramel.  (Also, I just put in my first online order to them this morning because they're offering free shipping for the month of February, and they were out of one of the things I ordered, so they immediately called me [we're talking 15 minutes after I put in the order, people] and got something else for me.  Great customer service, so friendly and helpful!)

 Caffeinated human. Groggy basset hound.

 I spent most of the weekend watching Scrubs and working on a Sunburst granny square afghan I just started.  I've done a granny square afghan before, but this is my first time doing the Sunburst.  It's also the first granny square I'm making for our house, but more on that later.  So far I really like it, the pattern is pretty straight-forward and it's easy to keep track of everything since for the first three rows you need 16 of every stitch.  For right now I'm only prepping the circles.  Once I think I have enough of them, then I'll be constructing the squares around them out of an off-white yarn.
 While I was crocheting away, Cheese was keeping me company on the couch.  I love it when he snuggles up in a ball and covers his little nose with his paw to keep it warm.  So precious!

Last night, A and I watched the last two-thirds of the Oscars.  Correction, Antoine, Cheese and I watched the Oscars.  It's funny, I never make a point to watch the Oscars, but when I actually end up watching it I always enjoying myself. 

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