Vancouver: Part Two (Lynn Canyon)

Half way through our trip, actually on Thanksgiving day, we rented a car and headed north of downtown Vancouver to Lynn Canyon, which took about a half hour or so by car.  In doing research for this trip, which I really enjoy by the way, I found a lot of people referencing this Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, but as soon as I saw the $30+ per person admission price I said, "Hell no!".  Instead, I found several people on a board mentioning this place called Lynn Canyon Park, just 13 minutes east of Capilano that also had a suspension bridge and beautiful hiking...and was totally free!  Now, come on, that was an easy decision to make!

Now, I have to admit the idea of a suspension bridge over a rushing stream kind of scares the crap out of me.  I mean, look at it:

But, I was brave and I did it!  And truthfully, beyond it being dangerously wasn't too bad!

A and me on the bridge!

Besides the suspension bridge, which is the first thing you come to when you go to the park, Lynn Canyon offers some excellent hiking.  There's trails to the riverbed, to falls, and throughout the gorgeous woods.  It was easily my favorite part of the trip.  I'm a nut for nature, there's just something tall trees and rushing streams that is just so simply beautiful. 

Antoine and I hiked for hours and covered most of the park.  Again, since it was the off season, the park was pretty quiet, which I enjoyed.  Though, I would assume that in the Spring and Summer it is probably packed with people hiking and swimming.

Hope you're not getting too bored of Vancouver, because next up is a trip through China Town to the Chinese gardens.

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