Mega Klutz

Yep, that's me...Mega Klutz.  Maybe that should be my super hero name, but instead of saving lives, I fall and hurt myself.  Not two days after my twenty-eighth birthday (my first day back from Montreal) and I go tumbling down the stairs.  I was walking down the steps, from our second floor to the living room, when I altogether miss the bottom three steps. Boom! CRASH! *hysterical sobbing*  It's not the first time I've fallen down the steps (read: I've sprained my left ankle three times already) and I'm sure it won't be my last.  I've got a pension for missing steps and hurting myself, the difference is this time I walked hobbled away with three righteous bruises, including a fairly massive one on my hip, and a fractured ankle.  I hope this isn't a sign of things to come in my 28th year...because I gotta say, I can't handle any more.

Anyway, I figured I probably had a sprained ankle, because that's what I do, so I told Antoine he could wait and take me to urgent care the next morning.  Low and behold, I find out via X-rays that I've managed to take a little chip out of fibula.  And I'll have to wear an air cast/boot for at least three weeks.  Happy birthday me!  Actually, I don't get the air boot until Friday.  Until then I'm sporting an incredibly itchy fiberglass splint and crutches.  The doctor told me to elevate my leg and stay home for a couple days.  Of course, I didn't listen and went to work yesterday.  A stupid idea!  Sure, I have a job where I could sit most of the day, but I also work on a floor with no restroom, and while we have a freight elevator, it's not the most reliable thing.  So, after a couple hours I was just plain exhausted from trying to maneuver around and my leg was super sore.  I quickly decided that maybe the doctor had a today and tomorrow I'm pretty much confined to bed, my leg propped up on a pillow.  All I can say, bring on the boot...this shit is getting boring!

On the plus side, I've got time to edit my pictures from Montreal so I'll have a little recap ready for tomorrow.

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