Birthday Bourbon!

Happy Friday everyone!  Not only am I super happy that it's Friday, but I'm extra stoked because today is Edible Books!  If you don't know what Edible Book is, it's a international festival that usually happens in April each year where people (often libraries) hold an event where people either make book structures that are edible or, more often than not, take a book title or concept and represent it using food.  Our library participates every year and I've created something every year since 2008.  Here's a blog post from 2013 about my creation (and being awarded Best Overall for the first time!).  Anyway, I always get really into it and look forward to it every year.

Alright, so back to working through my backlog of photos.  These photos are particularly old, from my birthday...LAST YEAR!!  When I turned 30, Antoine and I decided to spend the weekend celebrating in Louisville, KY.  Since it's only about a two hour drive from Cincinnati, it's a good place to get away, but not have to travel too far or spend too much money.  Before we headed to the city of Louisville, we decided to make a stop at Maker's Mark along the way.  We've both been to Maker's before, but this time was special.  Antoine, who signed up to be an ambassador 7 years prior, finally got his golden ticket, which means the bottle of Maker's with his name on it was ready to be picked up.  So he scheduled his appointment and we made our way to Maker's...
The adorable cat who lives at Maker's and was sleeping in a basket in the lobby when we got there.
The good stuff in the works.

Time for the tasting!  They have updated the tasting format and the location.  I really don't remember much about the old format, but I like that they put out a little place-mat now that tells you what you're tasting.
Antoine with his special bottle of bourbon!
The bottle even gets a special stamp on the top.

The next day, on our way home from Louisville, we checked out the Four Roses distillery, which neither of us had ever been to before.  I gotta say, I like it and their bourbon (which again, I'd never had before) quite a bit and would highly recommend it to anyone.  Plus, we had a really great tour guide who was super engaging.

I have some more photos from Louisville to share next week!  Then I have more photos from last March and April.  It feels good to finally get through this backlog, especially since I haven't been taking many photos lately because I can't justify taking more when I have so many old ones I've neglected! Anyway, happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend.

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