Last Spring (in Spring Grove)

This post illustrates three things:  1.) how far I am behind in editing photos (these are from LAST Spring), 2.) how mild our winter was this year (these were taken in April and the magnolias were blooming a full month ahead of schedule this year), and 3.) just how much none of this matters because magnolias and tulips are glorious any time of the year.  Even if they're a year late...right?

Have I said recently how magical Spring Grove is?!  I know it should be a place of sadness, but it's hard to be melancholy in a place that just booms with life and beauty in the Spring.
This plant reminds me of an octopus!

It's hard not to go overboard taking photos in Spring Grove...just remember that when I finally catch up with my photo editing and I have magnolia/Spring Grove photos to share from this year!  You have been warned.

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