Floral Effects

Happy Friday everyone!  Not only is it Friday (yay!), but this is my third post in one week!  Insane, isn't it?  Don't get too excited, it's nothing all that new, just some more orchid photos.  But since it's the end of the week and not only did I start editing photos from almost a year ago, I was also adventurous and had some fun playing with my Lightroom effects.  I've only been using Adobe Lightroom for about a year and a half and I usually just use it for minor things like distortion control, cropping, and some minor adjustments to exposure and whatnot.  I've only played around with the effects a couple of times and while I had mixed results, some I loved (like this one) and some I did not, but I never really shared many of them on here.  I've always thought that those sort of effects tend to detract from the photo subject and they can get a bit gimic-y.  But then I thought, you know what who cares, it's Friday and I want to do something different, so here we go...

I hope everyone has a great weekend!  I actually have Monday off from work so it'll be a long weekend for me...yay!

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