Anniversary Trip: Lake Louise & Moraine Lake

Oh, hi there! I'm sure, if you are a follower of this blog, that you were not at all surprised by my two month absence from posting.  Even if in my last post I said I was hoping to have more photos edited for the following week...oh, silly Jessica!  So unrealistic.  Anyway, I finally got around to editing more photos from our anniversary trip (the one we took back in May!).  I was really excited to finally get to this bunch of photos, because Lake Louise/Moraine Lake were two of my favorite stops in the Banff area.  When you think about going to Banff National Park, this is what usually comes to mind: big, snowy mountains and crystal clear lakes.  

After two nights in Banff, we checked out of our hotel bright and early and started to make our way up to Jasper, where we'd be spending the next three nights.  Our first stop along the way was Lake Louise, which is a big tourist spot and was already starting to get a little crowded with tourist (especially considering how early in the morning it was and the season).  
Antoine and I at Lake Louise

Since it was already getting kind of busy at Lake Louise we decided not to linger too much longer and make our way to Moraine Lake, which is just up the road a bit.  While Lake Louise was utterly beautiful and totally took my breath away, I adored Moraine Lake even more!  A lot of the snow still hadn't melted on the mountains so the lake was only partially full.

Since the lake was only half full you could walk out much farther and stand where the water normally be.  And part of the water that was there was still frozen, but instead of producing solid ice it created these shards of ice that were so cool...
It was like walking on gravel, but it was ice!
Me, standing on part of the frozen lake.
I also really like Moraine Lake because there were so many different vantage points, especially when at this time of year, that you could view the lake from.

I know, I got a bit carried away, but I just loved both lakes and couldn't resist.  Anyway, happy Friday!  I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.  I'm still trying to get rid of this cold I've had most of the week, so I will probably be taking it easy this weekend.  I will make no promises about further posts, because as we know I'm a lying slacker who likes to make things up! :)

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