Anniversary Trip: Patricia Lake & Pyramid Lake

For our first journey away from the cabin we headed back through the town of Jasper (where we had picked up groceries on our way to the cabin) and slightly north to Patricia Lake and Pyramid Lake.  These lakes were fairly free of any crowds whatsoever, which was very nice.
Patricia Lake.  We lucked out with yet another beautiful day to explore!
Pyramid Lake.

On our way back down the mountain toward the town of Jasper, we lucked out again with a couple more animal sightings...
First, these guys munching on some delicious vegetation near the side of the road.
Then this guy being smart and heading away from the road and into the woods.
Then we had our second and final bear sighting of the trip; three for the price of one...
A mama black bear and her two adorable cubs! 
How cute is he/she?!
We were so close to them, just on the other side of the street, it was so exciting!  And all from the safety of our car, which made me very happy!

Stay tuned next time for more Jasper National Park goodness.  Until then, happy weekend everyone!

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  1. Such beautiful scenery - and how exciting to see the bears so close!!!