Day Trip in Columbus: 2015 Birthday Celebration with Friends

I decided to take a little break from the anniversary trip photos and show you just how behind in photo-editing I am.  These photos were taken in the middle of February...last year!  Yes, I am nearly a year behind!  UGH.  Oh, well.  Actually it's kind of fun to look back to how I celebrated my birthday last year since it is quickly approaching.  Last year was the big 3-0!  And since my bestest friend lives in Cleveland, my other good friends and I decided to drive up to Columbus to meet her half way and spend the day together!

First we met up for lunch at Dirty Frank's Hot Dog Palace, which none of them had been to before and I had only been once before with Antoine.  We got a plethora of tasty treats, including the fried leeks, which are my favorite!  If you're ever in Columbus and like hot dogs, I definitely recommend Dirty Franks.  It's a very relaxed atmosphere, fairly inexpensive and vegetarian/vegan friendly!

After lunch we headed over to the Franklin Park Conservatory for their annual orchid show.  Hmm, I wonder who's idea that was!?  Amanda and I had been to the conservatory once before, but it had been years.  Now, prepare to be inundated with photos of orchids...
An amazing 12 foot tall (or more?) orchid sculpture in the lobby.
One of my favorite types of orchids, and I love it in this soft, coraly pink color.
Look, a photo that's NOT of an orchid!!
Teeny-tiny little orchids.
The other non-orchid photo that I took!

What better way to celebrate your birthday than time with three of your most favorite people, delicious fried foods and hot dogs, and orchids!?  Answer: with all those things plus ice cream!  Yep, we did that too!  No excursion to Columbus would be complete without a trip to Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams.  I naturally didn't document that though, I was too busy eating ice cream and checking out the cute shops with the ladies!  It was a good time!  Such a good time that we have similar plans this year.  Since my best friend, Amanda, and my birthdays are only a month apart the four of us have decided to meet up later in February in Columbus and spend the night this time.  It should be a great time and I'm so looking forward to it!


  1. Love it. Can't wait for the upcoming trip.

  2. I 100% agree that no trip to Columbus is complete without Jeni's! I keep hoping they'll open up a scoop shop in Cincy!