Friday Fun with GIFs: No. 9

I've been slacking on the photo editing lately, but I've been busy!  Mostly fun stuff though, like my family cabin weekend in Hocking Hills this past weekend and last night I went with the girls to see Mocking Jay (which was great!).  Anyway, since it's Friday I thought I'd share a couple gifs from our pumpkin picking adventure this October in Yellow Springs.  This year we met up with Amanda and Aaron and both couples brought the dogs along to enjoy in the fun...
Oh Cheese, stop looking so miserable!  He apparently hates posing with pumpkins, he just likes eating them.
Fall cousin photo...isn't this the cutest?!

So with that, happy Friday everyone!  How's your weekend shaping up?  I've got a ridiculously long to-do list that I'm hoping I can get at least half way through.  One of the things on the list is to polyurethane the desk in the guest bedroom that I painted...over a year ago!  Yeah, that still isn't done.  Don't judge me!  Anyway, hope you all have a lovely productive and/or relaxing weekend.

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