Cincinnati Nature Center

Back in mid-October, in between our trip to the Sunflower Festival and our pumpkin picking adventure in Yellow Springs (photos coming soon), Antoine and I decided to check out the Cincinnati Nature Center.  The Nature Center is one of those Cincinnati spots that I had heard about for years, but had never been to.  It's all the way in the Eastern outskirts of Cincinnati and is a common spot for weddings and family photo-shoots with photographers (both of which we encountered on our visit).  We brought Cheese along with us and enjoyed a little over 3 hours worth of hiking around the Nature Center.  Not a bad way to spend your Saturday afternoon!
Cheese always enjoys a good creek.
"Cheese, you have a little something hanging from your face...oh, nevermind!"
The visitor's center had a variety of stuffed animals.  This guy was my favorite.

We really enjoyed our visit to the Nature Center.  If you've never been I highly suggest checking it out sometime.  It's definitely worth the admission fee.  It has so many travels of all different difficulties.  And each trail is slightly different and interesting in its own least I noticed this amongst the 4 or 5 trails we hiked.  Some trails offer wooded walks among tall trees, others feature rumbling little creeks, while the meadow/marshes are home to a variety of flowers and ponds filled with little creatures and fish.  I'd say there's a little bit of something for everyone!

Have you ever been to the Cincinnati Nature Center?  If so, what's your favorite time of year to go?  Any favorite trails?  I definitely want to go back in the Spring/early Summer when more flowers are blooming.  I think the Edge trail and the Discovery trail would be particularly nice that time of year!

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