Weekend in Instagram

 Friday night, Cheese and I watched the Dog Whisperer until Antoine got home from work.  Apparently it was too exhausting for Cheese!  He usually watches it with us, because he likes all the dog sounds.

 Antoine surprised me with beautiful roses, what a sweetheart!

 Cheese proceeded to drool on me while Antoine ate some leftover pizza for dinner.

 Saturday started off with a trip to Ikea, our second trip in two weeks.  The rest of the day included a variety of errand-running and several frustrating trips to Sears (seriously hate them now) and several infuriating phone calls with them...with no happy ending.

Saturday took all the energy out of us and left me with a gnarly headache, so we were all total couch potatoes.  And really, how are you supposed to get anything done with a basset laying on top of you and looking adorable!?

So, in the end, we didn't get most of the stuff on our to-do list we'll be scrambling to do stuff in the evenings this week.  

How was your weekend?

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