Life Lately

I know I've been AWOL lately, and I gotta say, I feel a little lost not blogging and not being out taking pictures lately.  But I've been so busy working on our guest bedroom and trying to get the house in order because Amanda and Aaron are coming into town tomorrow.  So basically, I feel like I haven't stopped moving for two weeks...but hopefully that's coming to an end soon.  But not tonight.  Tonight will be CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN! 

In the evenings, after I get home from work and quickly eat some dinner, before starting whatever project I'm working on that night, I'll give Cheese his tennis ball.  He loves that thing!  And it really does keep him entertained for hours.  He'll throw it around or just sit and chew on it.  Then every time I cross his path he'll drop it at my feet and I'll throw it for him to chase.  And by the end of the evening, when I'm feeling completely exhausted and run down Cheese does too!
This is what Cheese looks like by 10pm.  Notice the ball doesn't leave his side and he's fighting the strong urge to close his eyes, in the event someone decides to throw/take his ball!

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!  I hope you have a great weekend.  Any exciting plans in the works?  I've still got a lot of cleaning and organizing ahead of me, but hopefully some fun too!  And maybe even a little bit of cooking/baking!

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