T-shirt Love

T-shirts are like my uniform, I wear them most every day, in one form or another.  I've never been comfortable in fancy clothes, they make me feel uncomfortable and out of place most of the time.  To me, there's nothing better than a t-shirt and a pair of jeans...except for maybe my pajamas (but, to be clear, I am a firm believer that you shouldn't wear your pajamas out into the real world. Not even when you're in college!).  Lucky for me, I work in a non-service portion of the library so the dress code is very casual!  Have I mentioned lately how much I love my job?!  I do!  Anyway, t-shirts have always been my thing.  Here's a little selection of t-shirts that I've been salivating over lately...

 Lazy Club T-shirt from Stay Home Club.  (This is so Antoine and me!)

 Ohio Home T-shirt fromThe Home. T

 Glow in the Dark Bermuda Triangle Tee from Maiden Voyage Clothing

 Nooch the Destroyer T-shirt from Choonimals

 Fahrenheit 451 Tee from Out of Print

Glow in the Dark Cryptozoology T-shirt from Maiden Voyage Clothing.  I couldn't resist including a second Maiden Voyage Clothing t-shirt because they make some killer stuff.  Seriously, check them out!  I'm also in love with these two shirts: here and here

What's your stance on t-shirts?  Too casual? Or amazingly awesome?  Are you super jealous that I can wear pretty much whatever I want to work?!  You should be!

Also, the updating of our guest bedroom is in full-swing so stay tuned for a major update(s) hopefully sometime in the near future!! Here was a post on my original ideas and inspiration for the space, though some of it has fallen to the wayside...but more on that later.  Happy almost Friday everyone!

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  1. I tend to like my t-shirts plain but I love seeing cool ones on other folks! Love the Bizarre tourism one...