Sweatshirt Fever

Of all the bandwagons to jump on, the latest sweatshirt craze is definitely right up my alley.  I'm normally a t-shirt/hoddie and jeans kind of person anyway, and lucky for me my job is super casual, so throw a soft, fuzzy sweatshirt into the mix and I'm a happy lady.  Currently the only cozy sweatshirt I have is this kitty one, which I wear as often as possible because it's ridiculously comfortable and so soft on the inside.  I love it! 

Here's a couple sweatshirts that I'm drooling over right now...

[via: Modcloth]

 [via: Hello Merch]

 [via: Out of Print.]

 [via: Modcloth or Out of Print.]

[via: Hello Merch]

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