Hiking in Hocking Hills

I was shocked when a co-worker told me recently that they've never been to Hocking Hills!  It's just two and a half hours from Cincinnati and has some really beautiful hiking spots.  So, hiking was a given for our girl's weekend, but since I was a bit handicapped with my air cast on, our "hiking" options were limited.  Lucky for us Hocking Hills State Park has two spots that are actually handicap accessible: Ash Cave and Conkles Hollow.  And I was really excited because although I've been to Ash Cave (and love it), I had never been to Conkles Hollow (and it's one of my HLP's favorite spots).  I definitely fell in love with Conkles Hollow!  The entire path through Conkles Hollow is surrounded by moss and ferns.  And the light just spills into the hollow, giving it the most magical atmosphere.

I'm such a sucker for mossy trees.

Oh and since southern Ohio had snow and ice earlier in the week, there were icicles hanging everywhere.

This could be our album cover.  We would just need to photoshop my sis in and we're set! 

Waterfall and ladybug: Ash Cave, Moss and Helene & Michelle: Conkles Hollow

Ash Cave

Another benefit of melting snow and ice...pretty waterfalls!

We thoroughly enjoyed our little walk through the woods.  And the handicap path was easy enough on my ankle that I wasn't too sore afterwards.  

Have you ever been to Hocking Hills?  What's your favorite spot or trail?

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  1. Andrea and I frequent hocking hills. We love everything about it. We have stayed at Valley View cabins 3 times and highly recommend them:

    If you stay there take a walk past the Wedding Chapel and down a small trail and over a fence to a giant knoll on top of the hill. Go there at night with a blanket and watch the amazing stars!