Reformatory Outtakes

Now for some outtakes, which I really should have titled "Aaron, the Creepy Ghost"!  It all started when we got near the end of first half of the building...there was a room will all the lights turned out and a creepy chair sitting in the middle of it.  Amanda and I were too scared to venture into the room, and rightly so, but Aaron, her boyfriend, just walked right in!  We made him turn on the light on his phone so we could see in the room and this happened...
 "Aaron, the Creepy Ghost" with two shadows!!  Sorry it's so blurry and out of focus, it was so dark and I might have been laughing pretty yeah.

That began a pattern of Aaron wandering in to dark rooms and making weird/silly/creepy faces!  Like this one...

Oh, and then there was the time Aaron the creepy ghost decided to go to the bathroom...

...and make a strange, sinister face in a very tiny room with a very tiny door...

Oh, but there was another ghost sighting!  We'll call her, "Amanda, the Blurry Ghost"...

I miraculously have one more post for you this week before A and I head off to go camping with some of our favorite people.  But until then, happy Wednesday everyone!


  1. Aaron is a very avant garde ghost. I tend to go the more traditional route.


    1. Indeed! You're my favorite blurry ghost out there!