Mansfield Reformatory: Part 2

Hi!  Remember me?  The person who's supposed to run this little blog thingamabob.  Where have I been?  No clue.  All I can say is I'm a slacker and I'm sorry!  But, a miracle has occurred...I somehow managed to finish editing my photos from the Ohio State Reformatory!  ["Wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles!" - let's play name that you know it?]

Anyway, if you need a little refresher from August, here's part one of the Mansfield Reformatory, which if you'll recall focused mostly on the administration office/quarters of the old prison.  Part 2's photos are all from the areas where the inmates lived, worked, and spent their free time (you can tell this when you're in the reformatory because you pass through a doorway with a very large steel door).  The first part of the prison you encounter is the chapel...
 Ceiling of the chapel.
 A standard cell. 

Next up...the library:
  The library was definitely one of my favorite areas in the reformatory, though surprisingly not my absolute favorite!

 I think my favorite area was probably the gym.  I'm not sure why, but as soon as I walked into that room/area, I immediately liked it...definitely not the normal reaction I have towards gyms!
 And this is probably one of my favorite photos of the bunch...but, again, I'm not sure why. 
 The shower was super creepy!  Amanda basically walked in and then walked right back out.  I pushed myself to take a couple pictures and then I was out of there. 

So there you have it.  There were two more sections that I didn't take photos because it was too dark and the other because we ran out of time.  Just another reason to go back, I guess.  Also, this isn't actually the last of the reformatory photos, I have a bunch of outtakes and "haunted" photos to share, so stay tuned!

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