Lately I've been thinking that poor Guillermo tends to get a little forgotten here on the blog.  Cheese gets a fair amount of attention/pictures taken of him because he almost always goes with us to the park and whatnot.  Plus he's very photogenic!  Guillermo stays in the house and tends to hide from the camera.  So when I recently took a series of photos of him and created this gif, I thought it was the perfect time to dedicate a whole post to this furry guy.

Name: Guillermo (pronounced: gee-YAIR-mo)
Story behind the name: It means William in Spanish.  He was actually named after Guillermo Del Toro, I loved Pan's Labyrinth when it came out and thought Guillermo would be a super name for a big, fluffy cat!
Nicknames: Gui, Gui-baby, Furrball
Age:  5 years
Breed:  I'm pretty convinced he's got some Maine Coon in him.  He's 15 lbs, not because he's overweight, he just has a big frame.  He has the light-density coat that Maine Coon's are known for, which means he doesn't shed in the same way normal long-haired cats do because his fur is so fine.  He's got enormous paws with big tufts of fur between his toes (purpose: to keep their feet warm in the snow).

10 random facts about Guillermo:

  1. He was the first pet that Antoine and I got as a couple.  After we bought our house we adopted him only a week or two after we moved in!  There were boxes all over the house and it was a mess, but we were so excited to bring this little fluff-ball home.  We loved him immediately!
  2. Gui really isn't that interested in food (at least not like Cheese is).  I mean, he LOVES his spoonful of wet food he gets everyday, don't get me wrong, but he's really not into treats and I think his favorite part about feeding time is the attention from Antoine or me.  He's a total lover!
  3. He's a talker!  Even though he didn't really meow until he was over a year old, he loves to talk to you now.  All you have to do is say his name and he starts talking.  And he almost always comes when you call him, actually he's better at that than Cheese.
  4. Favorite place to get pet - under the chin, along his jaw!  That's his sweet spot.  But if you touch his stomach or his rear-end you are in trouble!
  5. He has his own bed...does he lay in it?  Of course not!  His go to spots are either our bed, the guest bed (which we call "Gui's bed"), Cheese's bed, or Cheese's crate.  He's weirdo!
  6. He's a horrible hunter when it comes to things I actually want him to hunt like insects and spiders.  But he's an excellent hunter of fake mice and my hair ties.  Seriously, he has hunted and destroyed about 90% of my hair ties and I have to hide them from him now, which doesn't always work.  [Speaking of hair tie murders...we recently got a new rug for our living room.  When we rolled up the old rug we found eight massacred hair ties under it!  Eight!!!]  
  7. He's a total scaredy-cat!  He freaks out at the slightest unusual noise and has a sense for when other people enter the house...he runs and hides, usually behind the washer in the basement.
  8. He's a total mama's boy.  If Antoine and I are one the couch watching tv Gui will almost always go for my lap...unless the dog is already there! 
  9. Gui is horribly clumsy.  His jumping skills are pretty atrocious and he seems to not really like high places too much (probably because he's fallen so much).  He's kind of the anti-cat in that respect!
  10. He loves to trip people, especially people he loves.  If you are walking anywhere in the house there's a good chance that he'll be under your feet, usually meowing!  If you're walking down the steps, forget about better hold onto the railing and try to maneuver around him very carefully!  It's really surprising that in all the times I've fallen down the steps it's never been his least not yet!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peek into the oddity that is our fluffy cat, Guillermo.  And happy Friday!  I don't know about you but I am so ready for the weekend!  We're actually skipping out of work early and driving a couple hours north to go camping.  It's been a couple years since we've been camping and really I miss it!  And this time there's a group of us going (and Cheese) so that should be fun!  Have a great weekend everyone!

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