Little Mabel (on Instagram) & Goals for 2015

I thought I'd share some of the many, many, many photos I've been posting of Mabel on Instagram.  I just can't seem to help myself.
 From the night we brought Mabel home.
 Cheese starting to warm up to Mabel. It's been a slow adjustment for him, but there are moments when I think he's actually really enjoying having someone to play with.  Hopefully their bond grows more each day. 
 They've definitely got the whole cohabitating on the couch thing down!  Now I'm just holding my breath until they snuggle up in Cheese bed together...
 Cheese has decided to take possession of all of Mabel's toys (and has destroyed several of them).  Mabel doesn't seem to mind, in fact she'll play with anything including Cheese's lobster, which is as big as her!  And she loves playing with Gui's cat toys, especially the ones with jingle balls! 
 Look at those eyes!
 She's great at being my lap warmer while I read in the morning.  She's also really great at chewing the corners of my book...which I am not so keen about! 
 Oh, come on!
 It's hard to get up and do dishes when you're trapped under a baby basset.
There's just too much cute in this photo, I don't know what to focus on!  That "what'd you say, mom" expression, that belly, or those little crossed legs?  

It's almost the new year and while I hate making big resolutions because I usually always break them here's a short list of what I'm going to strive to do in 2015:
  1. Participate in Project 365 - take a photo every day during 2015.  I really want to use my camera more, get to know its settings better, and sharpen my skills.  This is going to be a tough one since I'm notoriously lazy, but I figure even if half the photos I take are pictures of my fur-babies at least it's something!
  2. Read at least a book a month in 2015 - This might not seem like a big feat to the average person, but for someone with a reading disability who doesn't have a ton of spare time to read this is going to be a challenge.  But I think it's a good one to take on.
  3. Continue to do the things that make me happy - baking/cooking, taking photos, being crafty & making books, etc.  It might seem like an easy goal...and yeah, maybe it is.  But I still think it's a good one.
How about you, any goals/resolutions for 2015?  Any fun plans for tonight?  I've never been one to celebrate the New Year in any traditional form and in previous years I've often slept through it!  This year Antoine and I are planning to go see a movie and then spend our day enjoying our time off together.  Anyway, happy New Year everyone!

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