Cheese & the Hot Dog!

I woke up today and for a split second I genuinely thought it was Saturday.  Isn't that the worst ever?!  I also woke up in a fog like I have been most of this week...not so fun.  But the weekend is nearly here and I'm hoping for lots of time to veg with Antoine.

Since it's Friday and I have a knack for sharing gifs on Friday I thought I'd post this little gem; Cheese gingerly eating a hot dog!  See, when we went over to my sister house to grill out and relax in her newly finished backyard/patio-area Antoine had the brilliant idea to bring along the lone hot dog in our fridge for Cheesy.  You know, as a special, holiday treat!  After the humans ate their dinner, Antoine threw the hot dog on the grill for a minute or two and then I got my camera ready.  I expected Cheese to flip out, but he was ever so gentle and polite about receiving this delicious, July 4th snack....
What can I say, he's a class act!

I hope you Friday (and mine) goes by quickly and you have a wonderful weekend!

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