Hawaii: Part 5 (Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden)

Of all the Hawaii attractions we were planning on seeing/visiting, the Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden was the one I was most excited about.  It's no secret that flowers are my drug of choice.  I have a fairly substantial obsession, there's no denying that!  So prepare yourself for an endless parade of floral photos.  I swear, this was me editing myself as much as I possibly could...
To let you know just how excited I was about this place, I was taking photos even before we went through the gate...while Antoine was in the restroom!
These lovelies were in the parking lot.  Seriously!  How cool is that!?
Aren't these cool?  Almost everything had name tags telling you what things were, but of course I can't remember any of them.
 A multi-tiered waterfall!
Love the mossy roots!

Oh, did I mention there was an orchid garden?!  No?  Well, there was and it was okay...if you like orchids.  I'm just kidding, it was awesome and I absolutely loved it!  This was the first time I've visited an orchid garden/collection that wasn't indoors, so that in itself was kind of amazing!
Random pineapples are everywhere in Hawaii, but not all of them are as pretty/cute as this one.
Just a small portion of the orchid collection...pretty, right!?
Antoine checking out the parrots.  One of them was rather chatty and was talking to Antoine!
So not only does the botanical garden have a waterfall, an orchid garden, a grove of fruit trees, and a koi pond, but it also has a view of Onomea Bay!
Kind of in love with these leaves!
Another visit with the chatty bird, who decided to go mute on the second visit.
Oh, look!  Another orchid.
No clue what this is, but I dig the colors!

What do you know, I went into a botanical garden and came out with an ungodly number of flower photos!  Who saw that coming?  Oh wait, everyone?  Anyway, if you ever travel to the big island I highly recommend this tropical garden, it's really magical.  Since it's tropical it's unlike anything we have here in Ohio.  The fact that it is totally outdoors blows my little Midwest mind!  And the variety of plants and flowers is incredible!  Alrighty, that's it for now...though I may have another post tomorrow, so stay tuned!

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  1. Man, you are making me really want to be in Hawaii right now, LOL! I've been to Maui and Lanai, and if I ever make it back there, I definitely want to see the Big Island!