Snow Covered Spring Grove Cemetery

This past Saturday, after the big snowfall we had received the night before, Antoine and I decided to bundle up and head over to Spring Grove Cemetery to take a walk and snap some pictures.  Neither of us had ever been to Spring Grove during the winter months and I'd been told by a friend and coworker how lovely it is blanketed in snow, so I was eager to check it out.  Since it was so snowy there were really many other people there, which was nice...though that proved to be a little bit of a problem after two hours of walking when we got ourselves lost.  Luckily after three hours of wandering around we were able to find our way back to our car, with the assistance of a map (which a nice security guard had given us earlier in our visit).  If it hadn't been for that map we probably would have been out there 4 or 5 hours.

Still, being lost has its advantages...we got to see parts of the grounds that we've never been to before.  I even stumbled across a new favorite grave stone/monument. Here's some of the photos from our little adventure...

My new favorite monument...
If you can't tell from the photo, she's a mermaid!  With fish swimming around her tail!  Isn't she beautiful!? 

I couldn't resist.  He's just so cute all bundled up!

Snow flowers!  Antoine actually spotted these in the midst of us being lost.  I love having him around when I'm taking pictures, he points out things that I don't always see.  In this case I was paying more attention to the gravestones/monuments at my eye-line and he was looking up!
Another new discovery (for us), this (and another) gravestone with a petrified log on top of it!  So cool to see up close, especially this large of a piece!

We also came across this nearly hidden mausoleum!  So neat.

After our little adventure we rewarded ourselves for finding out way out by ordering and devouring some tasty Dewey's pizza.  We were both pretty tired afterwards, but I'm so glad we went and explored.  Spring Grove is so gorgeous in the snow, I highly recommend checking it out sometime!