Krohn Conservatory Addiction

So, I might have bought a new camera.  A fancy one that I was drooling over and wanted so badly.  Antoine gives into my whims a little too easily...he just smiled and said why not, and then laughed at me while I was ordering it and geeking out.  It's beautiful and I love it!  So this weekend, the first weekend with the new camera, Antoine and I decided to have a day of fun!  We started the day by dropping Cheese off at daycare and then going to the gym (not so fun!).  Then we got ready and headed over to Krohn Conservatory, because if there's one thing I love taking pictures of it's flowers!  Krohn is having their Spring show right now, this year it's called Avant Garden.  It's a beautiful arrangement of lilies, hydrangeas, delphiniums, and name a few.  I would highly recommend it!  Of course as soon as we got there I made a b-line for the orchid room, because it's my favorite.  In Krohn the orchid room is pretty small, but they have a decent selection considering.  Here's some of my favorites...
I think these might be my favorites.  I've only seen them at Krohn and the DC conservatory, but I love them, their color and their shape!
Have I mentioned how much I love orchids?  Yes?  Okay.  Well, I gotta say I love Antoine's understanding of my orchid love even more!  He followed me as I rushed over to the orchids, then proceeded to point out all the not-so-obvious ones I'd missed.  Then he sat patiently while I went back through the room a second time and took even more photos!  He's so patient.  Thanks Tran, for being awesome!

Next up, the desert room.  Usually it's not one of my favorites, but having the new camera made me a little more observant and I noticed some really cool plants that I'd normally pass right by!

Next up was the Avant Garden room.  I gotta say, this is one of the best spring shows I've seen in a while there.  It was jam packed with flowers of all different colors and variety and I love the addition of the koi pond.  And it smelled heavenly in there!  Seriously, it felt good to just go in there and take a deep breath.
Love this little bonsai and the way the sun was hitting it.

Last but not least the two main tropical rooms. 
This plant looks so scary and alien, I love it!

I had a blast at Krohn, playing with my new camera!  In a couple weeks they're having their annual Orchid Show (March 15th and 16th), I've never been but I've always wanted to go.  This year it's happening!

Stay tuned later in the week for more fun day goodness!  Hint- the poster will involve food and an overlook of the city! 

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