Anniversary Trip: Athabasca Falls

Hi again!  I don't know about you, but I'm so glad it's Friday, not only because it's been a long week, but also because Antoine and I are headed to Nashville tomorrow for a concert and a little pre-birthday celebrating!  Neither of us have really spent any time in Nashville (except for just passing through), and though we're only going to be there one night I'm really looking forward to a little fun.

Anyway, back to Canada.  After a couple days in Jasper we made our way back down the Icefields Hwy toward Yoho National Park.  Along the way we decided to check out several popular waterfalls, and the first one we stopped at was the Athabasca Falls.  These falls are just a short drive off the highway and are totally worth the stop!
The Athabasca Falls are very accessible from the parking lot and don't take any real hiking to get fact, most of the areas surrounding the falls are paved.  Though there are some paths surrounding that are not.
What I liked about these falls were that you could view them from so many vantage points.  The falls ran through this little alley of stone and there were bridges and paths so that you could see it from different angles.
Plus the forest that surrounded the falls was so pretty and mossy.
In this photo you get an idea of just how many vantage points there are to view the falls from, which is just great!  Plus, a rainbow!
And then we were off again, back in the car to go look for more waterfalls!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thanks for sharing sis. Rainbows to brighten our weekend. Have a great time in Nashville!