Cute Creatures

Once our weekend with the family was over and everyone else had headed home, Antoine and I decided to explore the area and the local shops nearby.  We had some time to kill before we needed to pick up Cheese from the kennel and there were a bunch of outlets and antique shops in the area (none of which were all that stellar), so we figured why not.  After we stopped by the glassware outlet, I spotted a candy shop and we investigated since something sweet for the road sounded like a good idea.  The candy shop was a bust (very tiny with very very little candy), but right next door was a little area with a variety of fallow deer and goats you could feed.  I'd never seen white fallow deer before so I really got a kick out of these guys!  And goats are always such clowns!

Dopey and Grumpy...if that's not what their names actually are that's what they should be based on their facial expressions alone.
Look at those teeth!

How can it already feel like it's been a long week if it's only Tuesday?!  One of the great mysteries of the world, I guess.  Anyway, here's hoping you have a wonderful Tuesday!

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